#MIPSTERZ | some thoughts on a video that has everyone talking

So, I’ve just seen this and read up about all the hype surrounding it. What do I think? Well, I posted this as a status on Facebook but wanted to post it here too.

Firstly I think the term ‘Mipster’ (a portmanteau of Muslim and Hipster) is kind of tragic (seriously who came up with that?!) but after watching it maybe 10 times in a row, I was smiling. Smiling because somewhere in America, a group of my sisters were given the chance to show a side of themselves we very rarely see. Smiling because they remind me of me and my friends, getting together like any normal group of girls. The difference? There isn’t one, just that we choose to be a little more covered. There are the magic words. We. Choose. Choice. It’s a luxury many cannot afford and us Muslimahs in the West are blessed that we have the freedom to make that personal choice, to commit to modesty consciously and not half heartedly.

Were these ladies modest? I personally think that’s not something for me to comment upon but in my eyes, they were. See, I think many people were caught off guard with this video. Modesty isn’t a synonym for brainwashed and being covered and being fashionable are not mutually exclusive. I’m glad that this video was made. I’m glad because it shows that no matter what propaganda we are fed, there will always be a little piece of truth and proof out there.

Proof that a Muslim girl can leave her house, meet her friends and have a good time. She can also be a badass on a skateboard! She has the right and free will to go outside feeling good about herself and dressing in a way that makes her feel comfortable and confident without the fear of being accused of trying to be provocative. Inevitably, everyone has their own interpretation of hijab. Would I go out wearing skinny jeans? Probably not. Is this my hijab? No, but never in a million years would I even dream of calling another sister out over her choice of clothes and more importantly, her understanding of hijab.

Lastly, just keep in mind after watching this video that not every Muslimah is opressed, blindly following men or weak. Noor Tagouri is a journalist hoping to be the first Muslimah news anchorwoman and Ibtihaj Muhammed is the first Muslimah to represent America in competitive sport. It takes the utmost strength, courage and perserverance to wear hijab in an appropriate way. We are human. You don’t have to eat the apples the media offer you. Remember that.

What did you think of the video? Let me know here or over on Twitter!

Nafia x

P.S. I know this wasn’t perfume related, but it’s something that is important to me. Forgive me? Perfume post coming soon, I promise.

5 thoughts on “#MIPSTERZ | some thoughts on a video that has everyone talking

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